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Leonard Orr

Passed on to the light on September 5th, 2019.

We are eternally gratefull for all his contributions to humanity. His Vision inspired millions of people on this planet. He developed Rebirthing breathwork and inspired the mastery over the mind.

We will keep holding the space and we will continue his purification practises with fire, water, earth and air and mind. 

when I asked him in June what to tell people that are inquiring about him, how he is doing these days, 

his response: “Still immortal” In another conversation I asked him about his life urge, and he said: this is a stupid question – life just is. When I asked, and how is life, he said, getting better by the day! He said many times, each person that dies, teaches us something.

I am in the process of writing about what he taught me with his last Leela and all our 28 years together.