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What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing is a holistic, intuitive breathing technique that was developed 1974 by Leonard Orr in the U.S.A. It is one of the methods of self-discovery that has found considerable attention in recent decades.

We practice a gentle, connected breathing rhythm that brings deep relaxation. Our goal is to find our inner Self and center. Our lifes turn more loving and joyful. Health is a natural result of a happy mind.

We recommend high valuable individual sessions with an experienced breath work teacher, a Rebirther. Our ethics are directed to the welfare of our clients. Therefore, we do not recommend group sessions before 10 guided individual sessions have been completed. Everyone deserves high quality support.

Rebirth International (RIBA) was founded by Leonard Orr, as a world-wide association for Rebirthing, with the goal of training more qualified rebirthers.

We practice a gentle, connected breathing rhythm that brings deep relaxation. Our goal is to find our inner Self and center. Our lifes turn more loving and joyful. Health is a natural result of a happy mind.

Questions and answers about Rebirthing

1. What is conscious Energy breathing?

This is a simple breathing rhythm that we naturally perform when we are babies and in the middle of deep sleep. To learn this rhythm means to learn again how we breathed as children.
Once we have mastered this simple ability, we are cooperating with the most natural process of human vitality and health that we have unconsciously lost when we grew up. It’s a simple rhythm that combines inhalation with exhalation, in a way that most effectively moves energy in the body.

2. Why learning to breathe?

How did we lose our full, natural ability to breathe? Many people are unaware of their restricted breathing until they have received their first breathing session. The first breathing session is a pleasant surprise. Many people report that their first 5-10 sessions are the most amazing physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences in their lives.
It seems that every negative thought and experience we have in life restricts our breathing ability. When we are teenagers or adults, most of us have to learn to breathe again.

The breathing instruction Leonard Orr started in 1974 spontaneously spread to over 10 million people without advertising. It is taught all over the world and even in public schools.His students and him have published many books on breathing.
I recommend the book most:
Breath awareness – by Leonard Orr.

Rebirthing manual – by Fanny van Laere and Leonard Orr

3. How can we learn conscious breathing?


It is best learned in 10 one-on-one sessions with a well-trained teacher. Just ask us. We recommend that the first sessions only be held in individual sessions in order to guarantee the best possible support.
You can arrange personal sessions, call us.

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4. How much does it cost?

How much is treatment for your toothache worth to you? How much would you pay to be balanced or healthy again? Don’t worry, it’s not that expensive.
A breathing session usually lasts two to three hours and normally costs € 180 to € 200, (plus taxes)

but we never send someone away who cannot spare the price. ( There is different payment plans available).

So that no one is denied the ability to breathe because of money. Negotiations are always possible. Rebirth International offers a prosperity seminar for people with money problems.

5. What about Hyperventilation?

Hyperventilation means over-breathing. Spontaneous hyperventilation can happen to people who breathe too weakly or exhale too tightly.
All doctors who have had ten energy breathing sessions recommend conscious breathing as the best treatment for their hyperventilation patients.
Many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and other health professionals who have learned to consciously breathe energy have become breathing teachers to enrich their healing skills.

6. Are sessions ever painful?

Breathing energy is completely harmless, it brings peace, relaxation and fresh life energy for the entire human organism during each session. But human mind and emotions can cause pain to some people during part of the session when released.
Pain is usually caused by human fear. Leonard’s definition of pain is the effort and effort to cling to a negative thought. You can continue to breathe this pain as the session continues. Everybody has to live with our mind, emotions and embedded pain, whether we learn to breathe or not until it is healed. People who have learned this simple joy of breathing energy always have a way to reduce pain.
I have also used this breathing rhythm to breathe headaches and toothaches away from the dentist instead of anesthesia, and all sorts of emotional, physical, and psychoanalysis pain. Breathing is a great healer. The pain that may come during a session is a problem for only a few. Pleasure is a bigger problem. Many people report experiencing full divine body satisfaction during the first 10 sessions, which can take over an hour. Most tell that they feel peace that goes past any understanding, and that it lasts for many hours, sometimes days and weeks.
Many people have difficulty accepting so much joy and ecstasy. I have used this simple exercise of pleasure – conscious energy breathing – in every situation for over 28 years. I love breathing in my bathtub. Only conscious, connected, circular breathing is a recurring basis for physical health, vitality, spiritual joy and practical energy in my daily life. I don’t understand how other people survive without conscious breathing.
 I use other healing techniques besides breathing energy. The mind and breathing are king and queen of human consciousness. We breathe 24 hours a day. Conscious energy breathing is absolutely fundamental to physical and emotional health, and also for a pleasurable human existence. Conscious energy breathing is often referred to as the biological experience of God’s love. People who have learned it once have a wonderful remedy and they can use it at any time. It’s yours, at no additional cost.


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