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Heike Hajari Strombach

From 1991 till his death Sept. 5th 2019   close associate, friend and student of Leonard D. Orr, the founder of  modern Breathwork, who was a spiritual authority and inspiration for the new age.

We have travelled the world together leading the 9-dayand 21-day professional Training for 28 years.

I am honored and happy to continue Leonards extraordinary work.

Through deep inner development my life’s mission has become clear and transparent.

We have a fulltime Rebirthing center in Wipperfürth, regular events are the basic 9-day and 3-week professional Rebirthing breathwork training.

International trainings are planned for India, Israel, USA, Spain and many countries, if time permits.

I love to share deep Truth and Love in Simplicity. Om namaha Shivaiya.


My professional carrier started 1977, training as a geriatric nurse, to work in a psychiatric hospital and nursing homes with 4 years experience as a ward manager in a geriatric care ward. During 6 years I was a part-time lecturer in a nursing school for elderly care.

1985 – Further education as a nursing care teacher and instructor, followed by employment at a nursing school in Marl as a course leader

1989 one year stay abroad in Australia.
1991 one-year full-time Rebirthing training – Rebirthing International Center Consciousness-village, Sierraville in the Sierra Nevada, CA, USA,  then closely associated with Leonard Orr.

1993 training as a Reiki Master, fire-walk instructor
1999 Systemic Constellations – Family Constellations & Nonviolent Communication

From 1991 till 2019 I worked and studied with Leonard Orr, the founder of the breathing technique Rebirthing, a great philosopher of life and an inspiration for the new age.

Leonard Orr and my experience with Rebirthing breathwork

Leonard Orr, the founder of the breathing technique Rebirthing, a great philosopher of life and an inspiration for the new age left his body on September 5th, 2019. He was a great source of Inspiration to me. I honor him in gratitude.

We continue his great work with love and respect together with our core team of RIBA.

I live what I teach.

Founding of the Breath and Life Center in Klaswipper, Wipperfürth in 1994 and RBI Germany in 1996.

A self-employed breathing instructor since 1991 ,

conducting seminars and trainings in conscious energy breathing – Rebirthing-  internationally.

family constellations, trainings in non-violent communication and Reiki-initiations are part of our program,

working with our inner healing process and many related topics

supporting  people in their search for themselves and for better communication and cooperation

Life is interesting, and sometimes challenges us to connect to different aspects of our life – with each other, – inside of our self  –

to get to know our selves and live the intellectual, political, public, professional and personal life in all its diversity.

I have a lot of good ideas, love, patience and appreciation for divine inspiration.


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I love to meet you!



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In truth, simplicity and love.