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Spirituel Rebirthing Workshop:

 „Astral-Travel & Physical Immortality”

“Astral-Reisen  & Physische Unsterblichkeit“

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we invite you to a very special, intensive rebirthing workshop.

Why is it so especial?

Because on these two days we will focus and intent on the topics of “Out-Of-Body Experience” and “Physical Immortality”.

In this rebirthing workshop you will get the opportunity to try out and practice out of body experience for yourself.

With advanced techniques and professional support from experienced rebirther, you will learn to leave your physical body consciously and without fear and to immerse yourself in subtle dimensions.

Through personal experiences and the exchange with like-minded people, you will deepen your mental abilities and expand your consciousness.

But that’s not all. We will make contact with Babaji and the Immortal Yogis this weekend. This will be our introduction to the subject of “physical immortality”.

As a conclusion and highlight of the workshop, we will experience a journey through time together. We do not yet know whether our journey through time will lead us into the past or into the future.

The moment will decide. We remain neutral and open to the unknown.

Our soul will lead us to the right place.

So if you want to take part in this advanced rebirthing workshop, register as soon as possible, because the number of participants is limited to 10 people.

We want to spend this weekend in a small group.

We look forward to seeing you and having an unforgettable adventure with you.

See you soon!

Warm greetings Heike & Agata

Here are all the details about the workshop:


We start at 10 am on Sat.

End: Sun,  5pm


Please bring comfortable clothe, winter clothe & sleeping bag


Tuition: 390€  including meals, plus accomodation

Accomodation in a near hotel or @ the Breath & Life center, dependent of space







Spiritueller Rebirthing Workshop:

 „Astralreisen & Physische Unsterblichkeit“


Wir laden  Dich zu einem ganz besonderen intensiven Rebirthing – Workshop ein.

Warum ganz besonders? Weil wir an diesen zwei Tagen unseren Fokus und unsere Intention gezielt auf das Thema „Out-Of-Body Experience“ und „Physische Unsterblichkeit“ legen werden.

In diesem Rebirthing-Workshop wirst Du die Möglichkeit bekommen, das Astralreisen für Dich auszuprobieren und zu praktizieren. Mit fortgeschrittenen Techniken und professioneller Begleitung durch erfahrene Rebirther lernst Du bewusst und angstfrei deinen physischen Körper zu verlassen und in feinstoffliche Dimensionen einzutauchen.

Durch persönliche Erfahrungen und den Austausch mit Gleichgesinnten, wirst Du Deine geistigen Fähigkeiten vertiefen und Dein Bewusstsein erweitern.

Das ist aber noch nicht alles.

Wir werden an diesem Wochenende den Kontakt zu Babaji und den Immortal Yogis herstellen.

Das wird unser Einstieg in das Thema „Physische Unsterblichkeit“ sein.

Als Abschluss und Highlight des Workshops werden wir eine gemeinsame Zeitreise erleben.

Wir wissen jetzt noch nicht, ob uns unsere Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit oder in die Zukunft führen wird. Das wird der Moment entscheiden.

Wir bleiben neutral und öffnen uns für das Unbekannte. Unsere Seele wird uns an den richtigen Ort führen.

Wenn Du also an diesem fortgeschrittenen Rebirthing-Workshop teilenehmen möchtest, melde Dich so schnell, wie möglich an, denn die Teilnehmeranzahl ist auf nur 10 Personen begrenzt. Wir wollen dieses Wochenende in einem kleinen Kreis verbringen.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich und darauf, mit Dir gemeinsam ein unvergessliches Abenteuer zu erleben.

Bis bald!

Liebe Grüße

Heike & Agata


Hier alle Details zum Workshop:



Beginn Samstag, 11. Dez. 21        10.00

Ende: Son, 12.12.21    um 17 Uhr


Bitte bringe bequeme Kleidung, Wetterfeste Kleidung  & einen Schlafsack


Tuition: 390€  darin enthalten sind die Mahlzeiten


die Unterkunft im nahen Hotel or @ the Breath & Life center, hängt von der Teilnehmerzahl ab







Trainingszentrum Rebirth International
Klaswipper 30
51688 Wipperfürth


Professional Rebirthing breathwork training

Level 1 – 3  in 10 Modules  2022:

Beginn: 1st module: 12.& 13. February

module: 12. & 13. March 
 module: 9.&10. April /  module: 7. & 8. May
module: 11. & 12. June
module: 6. & 7. August /  module: 1. & 2. October
 module: 5.& 6. November /  module: 3. & 4. December


Training content

Every module contains the exchange of individual breathing sessions.

Lots of sharing and caring for each other!

Module 1:

 Rebirthing breathwork introduction weekend

Introduction to Connected Breathing created by Leonard Orr

  • The physiology of the breath & why conscious breathing can make you happier
  • Breathing exercises and breath-awareness
  • How the birth experience affects relationships & our whole life
  • The Owners manual
  • The Energy cycle

Anyone can join / great intro to Rebirthing breathwork

Module 2:

Mind mastery

how to get rid of negative beliefs and make the mind your best friend!

  • Introduction to spiritual psychology after Leonard Orr: The 15 Biggies
  • The personal law: destructive beliefs about ourselves
  • How our subconscious shapes our reality
  • The key to happiness & abundance
  • Realize personal goals
  • Life vision

Module 3:

The Nature Spirit Seminar

how to use the power of the elements for spiritual purification

  • Air: special breathing exercises
  • Earth: Diet, Fasting & Exercise
  • Water: cold water rebirthing in the lake
  • Fire: Vision quest
  • Ether: Mind & Energy work
  • Biggies Part 2
  • Physical Immortality



Module 4:

Forgiveness, self-love & gratitude

… or how old injuries can help us get free

  • The Inner Child heals us!
  • Residual pain from birth, childhood & adolescence
  • Self-love: the foundation for happy relationships
  • Body awareness – breathing in front of the mirror
  • Byron Katie
  • Completion Letter etc.

Module 5:

Becoming a breathing-guide

how to professionally accompany Rebirthing Sessions

  • Ethics of a Rebirther
  • The energy cycle and what you should be aware of
  • Phenomenon during a breathing session
  • breath awareness
  • development of intuition and self-confidence in accompanying breathing sessions
  • Cold water rebirthing in the lake
  • • Breath inspections

Module 6:

The Prosperity Seminar

how to increase your happiness in all areas of your life

  • Poverty mind vs. Prosperity consciousness
  • How to build a clientele within 30 days (no matter what!)
  • What is my life’s task and mission?

Module 7:

Ultimate Happiness –

health and aliveness

  • how to free oneself from collective beliefs about sickness and death 
  • keep your body young, vital and healthy.
  • Family and collective beliefs about life and death and their influences
  • Physical immortality: mistaken belief or health promoting philosophy?

Module 8:

The relationship carousel

  • What drives revenge?
  • The cure of guilt, shame, anger and rage
  • Trauma healing and senility
  • Family Constellation
  • Warm water Rebirthing
  • cold water Rebirthing

Module 9:

Leadership training

… or how to become a successful Rebirther

  • qualities of a leader
  • to hold lectures
  • Build community
  • Organize seminars
  • Nonviolent communication 1

Lots of Sharing and caring for each other!

Module 10:

deepen your communication skills and professional success

  • building spiritual Community
  • Nonviolent communication skills 2
  • deepen our Self-awareness
  • supporting the birthing process and children
  •  Certificates & sharing

certification process as a certified Rebirther will happen after successfully completing  3 Clients through 10 sessions

Investment for 10 weekends :

3000, – € plus accommodation / meals

      Please bring a sleeping bag, flashlight, and weatherproof clothing and shoes for the vision quest.


option to continue Level 4:

Taking 3 clients through 10 sessions

with 6 month supervision

Level 5:

be a training assistent in a 9-day professional training


Level 6: 

SALT :   5-day Special Advanced Leadership Training


Level 1 – 6

Completion of the 400 h  professional breathwork training

in accordance with the GPBA, the Global professional breathwork alliance


Trainingszentrum Rebirth International
Klaswipper 30
51688 Wipperfürth

Heike Strombach
+49 (0) 2269-528



In truth, simplicity and love.